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How the online gambling works

The odds and payout percentages, especially for games based on slot machines are higher compared to the traditional land-based casinos. For some games such as blackjack and other table games, the payout percentages are set by fixed guidelines of the game. The virtual games are run by random numbers generated by a programmed pseudorandom number generator which determines many characteristics of various games such as the order of cards in the card games, spinning results of slot machines or outcomes of dice throws.

Though these numbers may not be as true as random numbers, a good algorithm can make them close to the original to a great extent. There are tight online regulations to ensure randomness and even external auditors to keep a check on the payout percentages and the probability of fair play within the working of the online games. This is important for the credibility of the games because unlike the land-based casinos, the players are unable to see the working of the casinos and other players real-time.

Casino game providers also offer the users to verify the degree of fair play and randomness of their games and software based on random seed matching to generate numbers indicating the efficiency of the algorithm to generate random numbers. This method, however, does not work for multiple player games, where the possibility of house edge cannot be overruled completely. After all, casinos are designed to give more advantage to the running house than the players.

There are other online casinos also in which the game is run by a human dealer in real time from a gaming table, which can be viewed by the players through a live streaming video. A console is also provided to the players for putting their betting decisions and communicating with the game dealer through chat. The physical outcomes and results at the dealer’s table throughout the game are converted into digital data by using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This type of gaming differs from the virtual casino game in that the results are decided by real-time actions by humans rather than automated processes run by a software.

Extra positives and disadvantages of online casinos

An attractive feature of online casinos, some followed from the traditional ones is the offering of bonuses based on several criteria such as welcome bonuses for the first casino deposit, referee bonus for recommending the casino to others, cashback bonuses for the losses incurred, no-deposit bonuses for zero deposit, non-cashable bonuses and the traditional comp points.

Online and live casinos have their own shortcomings too:

  • The technology development, application and maintenance and skilled staff necessary for the successful working of online casinos make them expensive than the traditional brick and mortar facilities.
  • True randomness cannot be ensured in all the games, and chances of house edge are comparatively higher.
  • Strict management of regulations, audits and keeping up the trust of users is difficult all the time.
  • Security threats and malware can creep into the system, especially in the download-based casinos.
  • Live casinos require extensive gaming setups on ground, usually two or three rooms, high technology support systems and connections, thus limiting their application.

Earlier, live casinos were limited to personal computers. The latest developments are centered around casinos available on iPods, iPhones, and androids, thus bringing about the revolution of mobile casinos at your fingertips.